KDx xxx

Keyboard Display interface - LCD or Fluorescent

KDX xxx English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.00 - Rel. 09 October 2003.

The Kxx xxx family card is composed by interesting boards that solve the operator interface problems inside the automation field, in a low cost and efficient way.

All the cards are composed by two indipendent sections: one for an external matrix keyboard acquisition and the other for LCD or Fluorescent (VFD) display management.

Both the sections are driven by only two 8 bit parallel ports, at TTL level. In this manner all the cards provided of at least 16 TTL lines on a standard 20 pins I/O ABACO® connector, can be connected to KDX xxx modules and they can easily exchange data and informations with the user.

The greater part of grifo® control cards can be connected to these cards with the possibility to use many different microprocessors (Z80, 8086, 8051, 68HC11, etc.) and proper software packages (BASIC, C, PASCAL, etc.). For some coupling of control cards and software tools, together with KDX xxx is provided a proper management firmware that drives the keyboard and the display at high level, with considerable facility and time saving. In fact this firmware let the user manage display and keyboard directly with the high level console instructions as PRINT, PRINTK, KBHIT, INPUT, SCANF, KEYHIT, etc.

The wide range of different displays models let the user select the best configuration according with the application requirements, in terms of: price, visibility, dimension, graphic, alphanumeric, consumption, etc. Also the keyboard can be choosen by the user starting from some simple keys (i.e. push buttons, joystick swithes,...) up to complete 6x4 matrix keyboard (i.e. phone keypads, vandal resistance keys,...).
The KDX xxx hardware structure is designed to simplify the software management of the card and to minimize the necessary lines for its management; moreover the connectors position and the mounting holes ensure a fast installation of the card inside the electric panel.

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