IAS 02

Intelligent Axis System, 2 axis

IAS 02 is a powerful CPU module for axis control or management, it features the standard Eurocard format size 100x160 mm. It relies on the powerful 16 bit Abaco® Industrial BUS and exploits the numerous intelligent and non intelligent peripherals available on this BUS.

The board is based on the family 51 Intel CPU in its several versions with or without internal ROM/EPROM, including the masked model with BASIC, and has installed a complete set of peripheral circuits. Should the User need to improve the number of operations per second it is possible both to increment the clock frequence and to install, as CPU, the very fast models 80C320 manufactured by DALLAS. Under the same clock, using this CPU allows to have an average increment for the throughput of threehundred percent.

CPU IAS 02 is the ideal Low-Cost component for all the applications that need to control two axises. In detail, for applications that need a limited I/O the on board resources of IAS 02 itself are enough. On the board are installed all the hardware resources needed to completely deal with the axis control problematic, allowing a remarkable saving on the application costs.

Devlopment and set up of program for this board can begin with only the IAS 02 itself. To work it is enough the correct sofware package and the connection to any PC compatible computer through the on board RS 232 serial port. This makes a powerful and low cost developlent system. Modularity and completeness of IAS 02 make it the ideal component to build distributed logic architectures.

Should the User application require more functions that the ones provided by IAS 02 board, it is possible to refer to the wide range of peripherals available in the ABACO® industrial listing.

Data Sheet IAS 02, Rel. 96.8

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