General Purpose Controller, 80C320 Dallas

The GPC® F2D is a powerfull control module of ABACO® family, capable of operating in stand alone mode or as an intelligent peripheral, and/or remoted, in a wider telecontrol or aquisition network, with an excellent price/performance ratio.
The extreme modularity of this card makes the same the ideal component for the construction of architectures with distributed logic affording good resources both in terms of processing and I/O interconnections. The completeness of GPC® F2D makes it suitable to meet on its own, control requirements of medium complex units or automations. When a more complex system is required, the performances are increased using suitable grifo® cards to be assembled on the powerful industrial ABACO® BUS. Each connector has standard pins out that allows a direct connection with all the I/O BLOCK module or a fast and inexpensive connection with proper field interface manufactured by the user and other companies.
The most interesting characteristic of GPC® F2D is that it can be equipped with a wide range of µP. It is in fact possible to get it by the standard 80C32; by the fast DALLAS 80C320 and many of the compatible models, either with or without internal ROM. The characteristics of the card remain basically the same, but its performance changes according to the built in µP.
At present there are some developping software tools which allow the card to be used as developping system of itself both in asselmber and evoluted languages. Noteworthy among these are the developement tools as the C compilers, the BASCOM 8051 and the handy BASIC F2. With these software tools the user can develop its application programs in a very fast and confortable environment; it is sufficient a serial connection to a common personal computer.


W95/NT 8051-BASIC Compiler

BASCOM-8051© is a Windows BASIC COMPILER for the 8051 family It is designed to run on W95/NT and has all the features of BASCOM LT. In addition it has full support for arrays and the single floating point type.

µ C / 5 1

ANSI C Compiler for 8051

Develop high quality software for any 8051 in ANSI C. µC/51 comes with an incredible optimizing compiler, you can even write software in ANSI C on 8051's with 1kB of code memory! µC/51 is absolutely complete: user friendly multi file Editor, Compiler, Assembler, Downloader, Source
Level Debugger. You will not need anything else.


Pascal compiler for 8051

The Pascal 51 is a compiler capable to generate code for the I51 family of microcontrollers, that use almost all the instructions defined in Wirth's Pascal. Thanks to his integarted developmen environment it is really simple to use and offers advantages in hardware resources management, available in the microcontrollers. Moreover objects and precompiled units can be used too.


The LadderWORK Integrated Development Enviroment (IDE)

The picture below, represents the apperance of the program LadderWORK on your computer. LadderWORK has an integrated enviroment feature, allowing you to draw schematics, compile programs and upload code to PLC always working on the same window. The integrated enviroments are composed by several parts described below. 

Data Sheet GPC® F2D, Rel. 96.8

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