GPC® 550

General Purpose Controller Philips 80C552

GPC® 550 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.10 - Rel. 04 November 2008.

The GPC® 550 card is a powerful control board in the 100x160mm standard Single Europa size. It is can operate in stand alone mode as an intelligent peripheral or remoted in a wider telecontrol and aquisition network but it can be easily expanded by the numerous intelligent and non intelligent peripheral cards, available on Industrial Abaco® BUS.


His tipical installation is on a mother board mounted inside a rack or on a mother board for Omega rails (i.e. ABB 03 and ABB 05) that furthermore allow the management of cards with BLOCK format, provided of Abaco® I/O BUS.


The card supports some different versions of microcontrollers as 80C552, 87C552, etc.; all of them are code compatible with the wide diffused 8051 INTEL and it includes considerable hardware resources. The most interesting ones are the 8 lines of 10 bits A/D Converter, the numerous TTL digital I/O lines, the CAN interface and the I2C BUS lines.


Its modularity and the remarkable hardware resources allow GPC® 550 to be easily used even in complex applications. The card use is simplified by a wide range of software developement Tools based either on low or high level languages which allow to work at the best conditions using only a standard PC. Noteworthy among these tools there are the C Compilers, the PASCAL and the handy basic compiler BASCOM 8051. Special care has been devoted to the application developing, by generating programs which allow remote debug directly on the card and on board FLASH burning with user application program.


The GPC®550 is equipped with a series of normalized, standard Abaco® connectors allowing immediate use of all the available BLOCK I/O modules, a direct management of local operator interfaces (KDx x24, QTP 16P, QTP 24P) or connections to equipment made by the user, or by third parties companies, obtaining a notable cost reduction.

Hardware features of the card, including possible options, are as follows:



 CCR Plug 9

Communication Cable RS 232 - Plug

Communication cable RS 232 witch DB9 connector and 6 pins RJ12.


 CCR Plug 25

Communication Cable RS 232 - Plug

Communication cable RS 232 witch DB25 connector and 6 pins RJ12.



LITHIUM Battery with cable and conector


BASIC compiler for 8051

BASCOM-8051© is a BASIC COMPILER , that generates code for the I51 family of microcontrollers, executed on a PC provided of a Windows operating system. This compiler provides a complete development tools and it includes many new instructions dedicated to direct management of typical problems of industrial automation. Moreover it supports arrays, strings and numerous additional data types, floating point mathematic functions, high level interrupts managements, etc.

µ C / 5 1

ANSI C compiler for 8051

Develop high quality software for any microcontroller of I51 family, by using ANSI C. µC/51 corresponds to a compiler capable of incredible optimizations, you can write ANSI C code even for the micro with only 1k Byte of memory! µC/51 is absolutely complete: easy to use multi file Editor, Compiler, Assembler, Downloader, source level Debugger. Nothing more it is necessary.


Pascal compiler for 8051

The Pascal 51 is a compiler capable to generate code for the I51 family of microcontrollers, that use almost all the instructions defined in Wirth's Pascal. Thanks to his integarted developmen environment it is really simple to use and offers advantages in hardware resources management, available in the microcontrollers. Moreover objects and precompiled units can be used too.


Ladder contact logic for 8051

The LadderWORK coincides with an development tools executed on PC, that starts from a graphic programmation with contact logic, and generates code for I51 microcontrollers family. The components that can be connected are numerous and a rich list of integrated parameters and commands make possible the phases of drawing, compiling, programming and testing of the electric diagram to develop.


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