GPC® 535

General Purpose Controller, Siemens 80C535

GPC® 535 is a powerful control and managing card in the 100x160 mm Eurocard format.

It relies on the powerful 16 bit Abaco® Industrial BUS and exploits the numerous intelligent and non intelligent peripherals available on this BUS.

The GPC® 535 controller is based on microprocessor SIEMENS 80C535 (8051 code compatible). It is provided with a set of on board peripherals that fit to solve the most common problems of industrial automation. Especially, the presence of an encoder acquisition section allows to use GPC® 535 also for axis control.

Its modularity makes this card the ideal component to build distributed logic architectures provided with powerful I/O and remarkable elaboration speed.

The main feature of GPC® 535 is its completeness. Infact it is provided with all the devices normally needed to solve the problem of management of average-high complexity machines, axis control and positioning of up to three axises.

The presence of a Real Time Clock, provided with its own backup section through Lithium battery, and the possibility to supply also the RAM through the same battery allow the GPC® 535 to deal with the data logging problematics.

Data Sheet GPC® 535, Rel.96.7

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