GPC® 51

General Purpose Controller, Intel 8051

The GPC® 51 card is a powerful control and governing module in the standard Europe 100x160 mm. size.

The GPC® 51 card operates on the powerful industrial ABACO® BUS of which it exploits the wide outfit of industrial peripheries and intelligent modules. Among those cards that can make easier the job during the debugging phase and that can be coupled to the GPC® 51, we can mention the G02 I/O, DKD-01, DEB 01, KDL-224 and so forth.

The GPC® 51 card can be directly interfaced to any I/O cards and through a 20 pins standard I/O connector to any modules of the BLOCK serie i.e. XBI-01, RBO-16, OBI-01, TBO-01 and so on.

This cards operates and supports 51 CPUs family, its different versions with our without internal ROM/EPROM also including the BASIC masked type.

The development and setup of applicatives can just start from the GPC® 51 and the serial connection to a common PC. In special way the masked chip version using MCS52 BASIC INTEL program coupled to the GET-51 Tool, has all the necessary to make the job including the possibility to program in an autonomom way the on-board EPROM with the applicative program.

The extreme modularity of this card makes the same the "ideal component" for the construction of architectures with distributed logic affording good resources both in terms of I/O and processing.

The completeness of GPC® 51 makes it suitable to meet on its own, control requirements of medium -complex units or automations. When a more complex assembly is required, the performances are easy to increase using suitable cards to be assembled on the powerful Industrial ABACO® BUS.

Data Sheet GPC® 51, Rel. 95.6

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