GPC® 68

General Purpose Controller, Motorola 68.000

The GPC® 68 is a powerful 16/32 card in the standard Single Europe format, 100x160 mm on ABACO® BUS.

Its rational architecture and the sophisticated integration tecnique, that is fruit of years of experience in the design field, enable grifo® to offer to the operators in this field an advance working tool at an incredible low price.


It is possible to use GPC® 68 as a development system of its own architecture thanks to the powerful Monitor-Debugger-Assembler, ROM-Resident (as an option), or as a Multitasking system thanks to the very powerful operating system RTOS PEARL, resident on ROM too.

If you need a high level programming language, a very efficient PASCAL, ROM-Resident, is at disposal.

Wide and detailed manuals, for both hardware and software packages, are at disposal.

Very efficient communication packages are at disposal for different development environments, as the CP/M 80, ATARI, MS/DOS etc..


Data Sheet GPC® 68, Rel. 94.6

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