GPC® 150

General Purpose Controller, Zilog 84C15

GPC® 150 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.00 - Rel. 15 March 2000.

The GPC® 150 card is a powerful control and managing card in the 100x160mm standard Single Europa size.It relies on the powerful Industrial Abaco® BUS and exploits the numerous intelligent and non intelligent peripherals, available on this BUS.

The GPC® 150 is based on the powerful and diffuse CPU 84C15 Zilog, therefore being code compatible with the famous Z80 , and it has considerable hardware resources available on board.

The 8 lines of 13 bits high performances A/D Converter are particulary interesting.

Its modularity and the remarkable hardware resources allow this card to be easily used even in complex applications. Moreover this card is the right component for all the applications that require a lot of memory, in fact up to 5 MBytes can be mounted on board.

Programming and exploiting the resources of this module is extremely easy thanks to FGDOS romated operative system.

This latter supports high level languages such as BASIC, PASCAL, C compilers and so on; it drives the memory resources as ROM/RAM disk allowing an immediate use of this devices at high level. In addition to that the GPC® 150 allows a direct management of LCD or Fluorescent Displays, matrix keyboard, parallel printer and PCMCIA RAM cards (QTP-16P, QTP-24P, KDL-xxx, Application Notes ). The FGDOS affords truly notable develop and debug facilities, and allows to program directly on board a FLASH with the user program.

The GPC® 150 is equipped with a series of standard Abaco® connectors allowing immediate use of the many BLOCK I/O interface, or enabling a simple and inexpensive connections to equipment made by the user, or by third parties.



LITHIUM Battery with cable and conector

Data Sheet GPC® 150, Rel. 99.09

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