WMB 12

Wide Mother Board 12 slots

Back panel WMB 12 has been designed to provide the User support panels for interfacing many boards provided of industrial Abaco® BUS. It includes all the mechanical features for a direct mounting on any 3HE rack and it can host up to twelve Abaco® BUS boards.

WMB 12 is the right choice for all the medium large applications that must use at most 12 cards with Abaco® BUS in a reduced space, getting size optimization and costs reduction. Taking care of the numerous connectable cards the power supply transport and filtering had been designed very carefully. If WMB 12 is insufficent for , or it exceeds, the application to build requirements, other back panels, belonging to grifo® industrial cards listing, can be used to fulfil the requirements of the User application.

Data Shee WMB 12, Rel. 00.10

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