SPB 15

Switch Power BUS, 15 slots

SPB 15 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.00 - Rel. 03July 2003.

Back panels SPB 15 has been designed to provide the User support panels for interfacing boards provided of industrial Abaco® BUS. It can be mounted on any 3HE rack and it can host up to 15 Abaco® BUS boards plus one grifo® power supply board, in Eurocard format.
SPB 15 is the right choice for all the applications that must use at most 15 cards with Abaco® BUS and a supply section, getting size optimization and costs reduction.

By taking advantage of SPB 15 mother board becomes possible to enclose all the electronic devices (including the supply section) in a comfortable 3 HE rack, avoiding the problem to manage several containers and their numberous connections.

Data Shee SPB 08, Rel. 00.10

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