JMS 34

Jumbo Multifunction Support, 3 Encoders, 4 D/A

JMS 34 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.00 - Rel.. 9 January 2001.

JMS 34 is a powerful peripheral support card designed for solving axis control problems. It supports the stout ABACO® Industrial BUS and it can be used linked to any of the numerous CPU cards available in this range.

Anything you need for controlling axes driven by motors like CC or BRUSHLESS, is built-in the JMS-34.

This card can be supplied with 2 channels 12 Bits D/A Converter or with 4 channels. This modularity makes possible to optimize costs in compliance with the real need the specific application requires.

In addition to axes control, JMS 34 can be used anytime the user has problems in: counting, frequence or period measurements, management of analogic and/or digital signals.

A wide range of demo programs on how to use this card, allow an immediate use of the same.

These programs are available for the whole CPUs of Abaco® family.

They are duly documented and supplied under form of "source" in the many different languages in which Abaco® cards can be programmed.

In order to make easy the JMS 34 interface to the field, there is a serie of BLOCK modules FBC type which allow to connect the various flat-cables to the easy quick screw terminal connectors.


Data Sheet JMS 34, Rel. 96.7

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