ETI 324

Encoder Timer I/O, 3 Counter Timer, 24 I/O TTL

ETI 324 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.10 - Preliminary - Rel. xxx.

ETI 324 is a comfortable peripheral card designed to deal with the specific problems regarding timers, counter and axis acquisition.

It works through the powerful ABACO® I/O BUS and can be matched with any other amongst the several CPU cards available in this family.

In addition to axis acquisition, ETI 324 can be emploied whenever ther are problems involving counting, periods or frequence measurement, management of mixed analog and digital signals, etc.

On the whole, 24 TTL I/O lines and three 16 bit counter timer connected to the external world both TTL and optocoupled are available.

In this latter case also a direction discrimination circuitry to simplify the acquisition of a bidirectional encoder is present.

A wide range of examples and demonstrtive programs allow an immediate use of the board.

Such programs are available for each of the several CPU boards available in the wide Abaco® listing.

The examples are exhaustively commmented and are provided as source code for the several languages that can be used to program the Abaco® listing.

To make easier the connection to the external world of ETI 324 its digital signals, a set of BLOCK modules are available, also to unravel the Flat Cable signals to comfortable quick release screw terminal connectors.


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