Encoder Motor Interface for GPC® 011

EMI 011 is an interesting board, with standard 100x200 mm size, developed to solve any applications of low and middle level regarding axis control and position with a low price.
The card is provided of two indipendent sections for bidirectional encoders acquisition, one 8 bit D/A converter section and some digital Input/Output lines. The connection with the field signals is performed through comfortable quick release screw driver connectors while the connection with the control card (GPC® 011 or similar) is realized by 20 pins connectors, provided of I/O ABACO® standard . In this way all the card provided of at least 16 TTL digital I/O lines and 4 counters for TTL signals can be connected to EMI 011 card and then they can control the axis by software mantaining a galvanic insulation with the power signals of the same controlled system. The hardware structure of EMI 011 has been develped to satisfy two important features: simplify the software management and reduce the number of used lines on the control card.
The card is provided complete of plastic support that allow a fast mounting on DIN Omega Rail, type DIN 46277-1 and DIN 46277-3, normally used inside the electric panel.

Data Sheet EMI 011, Rel. 95.5

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