EMI 01

Encoder Motor Interface

EMI 01 peripheral card is a powerful support device, Eurocard format size 100x160 mm, for CPU cards type GPC® F2 and GPC® F2D. It is the ideal complement to deal with the problem to make a low cost positionator or small axis controls using the two CPU cards named above.

EMI 01 has installed on board all the circuitry needed to interface up to three Open Collector Bidirectional Encoder and up to two DC motor actuator, featuring the possiblilty to control them through a voltage rangin from +10V to -10V and as much as 12 bit of precision.

The Encoder section includes a direction discriminator and a multiplier by four of the input impulses. Such section has been designed for the best matching with GPC® F2 or GPC® F2D on board resources, with the purpose to offer the best price/performance rate.

In this case two out of three count lines implemented on each on board 82C54 are used by the direction discrimination circuitry of Encoder section while the remaining line is used to make a PWM generator. Its output is elaborated by a specific circuitry capable to generate a direct voltage ranging from +10V to -10V with a precision of 12 bit.

The third encoder control section installed on EMI 01 card has been designed to use the two count pins available on family 8051 CPU.

A double DC/DC Converter allows EMI 01 to work with an unique supply voltage of +5 Vdc just like the CPU cards it has been designed to interface with.

Data Sheet EMI 01, Rel. 96.7

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