AAC 06

Axis Acuisition Card, 6 encoders

AAC 06 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver.5.00 - Preliminary - Rel. xxx.

AAC 06 is a very intresting low cost high precision axis control card from the ABACO® industrial card list.

The board is made by two indipendent sections to acquire bidirectional encoder with zero signal.

A minimum of 4 Encoders (2 at 32 bit and 2 at 16 bit) up to a maximum of 6 Encoders (at 16 bit) can be connected. The interfacing to the external world is optocoupled and all the Open Collector input signals are visualized through frontal LED.

A comfortable high density 26 pins D connector makes available the signals.

AAC 06 card is the ideal component for all the applications where it is essential to control a high number of axises through an unique CPU or GPC® board with a comfortable software management.

The board is provided with a circuitry to determine the direction and allows to acquire bidirectional encoders with or without zero signal simply reading a counter (16 or 32 bit).

In addition it is possible to select by hardware the working modality and the eventual multiplication of the input impulses number, to increase the precision and the sensibility of the hardware control.

The on board counters can be used also as pulse counter or frequency measurators.

Optionally, it is possible to mount an alluminium front panel type 3HE; 4TE.

Such panel provides an additional shielding of the board and a strong mechanical connection through two specific screws. Extraction is made easier by the presence of a comfortable from handle.

Data Sheet AAC 06, Rel. 96.7

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