CAN 14

Control Area Network 1 channel, 4 type

CAN 14 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver.5.00 - Rel. 08 July 2001.

The CAN 14 is a powerfull peripheral card capable to manage the standard Control Area Network serial communication protocol. The most important features of this protocol are: high data transfer rate, long distance connection support, full communication error checking with automatic retrasmission, self recognition of the slave in a multi system network, multimaster and multislave network connections, management of reception and transmission masks, wide range of powerfull commands, etc. In details the CAN 14 includes all the CAN 2.0B protocol features and the user can get further information from its documentation.

The electric connection of the card is performed through two confortable connectors: one for the control cards with Abaco® I/O BUS and the other for the CAN line; the mechanical mounting is simplified by a proper plastic support for DIN 46277-1 and DIN 46277-3 omega rails. The CAN line that is available on the connector is Galvanically Insulated from the other electronic component; this feauture ensures immunity to external noise and it prevents possible demaging of the control electronics.

The CAN 14 typical application fields are the automotive and general industrial environments, especially when it is required an high level communication, a multimaster network, a noise resistant link or a connection with another CAN device.

A wide range of demo programs on how to use this card, allow an immediate use of the same. These programs are available for the whole CPUs of Abaco® family. They are duly documented and supplied under "source" form in the many different languages in which Abaco® cards can be programmed.

Data Sheet CAN 14, Rel. 98.10

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