UPS 12

Uninterruptible Power Supply, 12 Vdc

The UPS 12 module is a no break power supply system, at low voltage, capable to assure the presence of power supply for the control electronic of a complete automation system.

When it is connected to an external +12 Vdc battery and to a transformer secondary windings, the UPS 12 is capable to provide an uninterruptible voltage, that must be connected to the power supply sections of the control electronics, and to recharge the battery.

The module interconnections are performed through comfortable quick release screw terminal connectors that simplifiy the link with any other devices, while the module mounting is simplified by a plastic support for Omega Rails DIN 46277-1 and DIN 46277-3. If UPS 12 is coupled with grifo® cards provided of mains power supply section (i.e. ABB 05; BLOCK type GPC®, ZBR xxx and ZBT xxx) only two connections are necessary: one for battery and the other one for the card.

Moreover the last connection consists of only two wires, in fact when the mains voltage is available these wires carry the rectified voltage from the card to UPS 12 that recharges the battery, while when the mains voltage fails the wires carry the direct voltage drawn by battery through UPS 12, that supply power to the card.

For all the other coupling (i.e. 3 Series GPC® cards, power supply and hardware not produced by grifo®, etc.) the module requires three distinct connections: one from the battery, one from a low voltage (rectified or not) and one to the system to supply.

The UPS 12 is provided of 4 LEDs that show the current module status and of two optocoupled digital outputs that reflect the two most important status to an external system.

Page up-dated at September 13st, 1999

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