SBP 05

Switching BLOCK Power; 5A

SBP 05 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver.5.00 - Rel.. 19 March 2002.

The SBP 05 module is a complete, low cost, switching power supply with extremely reduced dimension, that can be used for medium and large loads.

It is provided in a plastic container for a direct mounting on omega rails where it has a front side of only 110 mm, while two quick release scew terminal connectors allow the connections to external circuits. These features simplify and reduce the required time for mounting, installation, replacement and connection of the same card.

The module, to respect the security norms, provides for a low power supply input which can be alternate or continuous; the wide range of this input yelds the use of SBP 05 in all the industrial electric panels, by using their standard voltages. There is also an auxiliary input coming from an external battery; in this case, SBP 05 works like an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), assuring power to the load, with no discontinuity, even without external mains voltage.

Two LEDs inform about the correct working of the power supply. One of them indicates the Failure and it lights whenever each anomalous condition (over load, extra voltage, high temperature, etc.) cause an interruption of generated power supply.

Proper heat sink ensures the 5 A output current on the connected load, even when the power supply works in external hostile surroundings.

The SBP 05 is available in 4 different models that have different generated voltages:


Output voltage


Input voltage

 SBP 05

 5 Vdc

 5 A

 10÷33 Vac or 13÷46 Vdc

 SBP 05.12

 12 Vdc

 5 A

 12÷33 Vac or 17÷46 Vdc

 SBP 05.15

 15 Vdc

 5 A

 14÷33 Vac or 20÷46 Vdc

 SBP 05.24

 24 Vdc

 5 A

 22÷33 Vac or 31÷46 Vdc


Data Sheet SBP 05, Rel. 01.03

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