RCB 24

ReCharger Battery 24 Vdc

The RCB 24 module is an interesting module designed to solve the numerous power supply problems of the industrial electronic systems. In detail it includes two different sections: a stabilized power supply that generates +22, +15 and -15 Vdc voltages for small external loads and a no break power supply system, at low voltage, capable to assure the presence of power supply for the control electronic of a complete automation system.

When it is connected to an external +24 Vdc battery and to a transformer secondary windings, the RCB 24 is capable to provide three uninterruptible voltages, that must be connected to the power supply sections of the control electronics, and to recharge the battery. It is typically used in conjunction with grifo® power supplies as SPC 03, SPC 512, SBP 01, SBP 05, etc, to obtain a complete UPS or it is used alone to manage the battery recharge and/or to supply power to little systems that require the three output voltages. Among these systems there are those provided of analog sections too as signal amplifiers, impedance adapters, reference signals that normally needs two opposite voltages.

The module interconnections are performed through a comfortable quick release screw terminal connectors that simplify the link with any other devices, while the module mounting is simplified by a plastic support for Omega rails DIN 46277-1 and DIN 46277-3. Essentially the module requires three distinct connections: one from the battery, one from a low voltage (AC or DC) and one to the system to supply.
The RCB 24 is provided of 3 LEDs that show the current module status and inform the user of the correct functionality.

Data Sheet RCB 24, Rel. 00.09

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