Zipped BLOCK Transistors

8 NPN Inputs, 8 NPN Outputs

ZBT x88 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver.5.00 - Rel.. 25 November 1999.

The ZBT N88 is a peripheral Input Output module for ABACO® I/O BUS interface. It has the BLOCK format, to be mounted on rails. In a very small surface, ZBT N88 offers a middle number of Input Output lines and two separate power supply sections.

The first section provides +5 Vdc for the on board electronics, for the 8 Darlington outputs and for possible additional external electronics (i.e: other peripheral cards or CPU section). The second section is insulated from the first one and it provides the tension for the 8 inputs optocoupled section and for other external loads.

Typical applications of the ZBT N88 are those that require a small numbers of logical I/O able to be directly inrterfaced to the field. These resources are ready to be used on the ZBT N88 and it can also be mounted together with the CPU 3 Type or 4 Type cards, thanks to an optional plastic container. In this way a unique solid device is obtained and it can be directly mounted on rails of electromechanical control panel; the wires can be directly connected to quick release screw terminal connectors and the powers can be supplied directly by secondary transformer.

All I/O lines are always equipped with LEDs that show the line status; these LEDs are in grid with their correspondent connector terminals, just to simplify the installation and for solving problems during hardware test and software debug phases. Also power supply sections have diagnostic LEDs to inform user about possible malfunctions. In addition to I/O logical lines, ZBT N88 has also two optocoupled and displayed lines directly connected to the /INT and /NMI BUS interrupt signals. There is also the possibility to read the setted 8 logical outputs status, on a dedicated register.

The ZBT N88 is the simplest I/O expansion for BLOCK CPU cards connected through the ABACO® I/O BUS expansion connector, such as GPC® 15R, GPC® 153, GPC® 183, GPC® 323, GPC® 553, GPC® 324, GPC® 114, GPC® 554, GPC® 184, GPC® 154, GPC® 884, GPC® AM4 and so on. The card can be combined event to single Euro Size cards with ABACO® BUS interface through the proper mother boards ABB 03 or ABB 05 and a simple 26 wires flat cable.

Example of a ZBT x88 card linked to a 4 Serie CPU card ( the picture shows the ZBT-x88 + GPC®-184). Please note that the connection between the two cards is made by a flat cable and two 26 pins connectors hold on the unique DIN rails housing, in a very simple way.

Mounting on DIN Rails (ZBR-246 + GPC®-883) - - - - - - - - - (ZBR-246 + GPC®-184)

Data Sheet ZBT N88, Rel. 99.1

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