ZBR 246

Zipped BLOCK Relays, 24 Inputs, 16 Outputs

ZBx xxx English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver.5.20 - Rel.. 15 November 1999.

The ZBR 246 is a peripheral digital Input-Output module for ABACO® I/O BUS, it is a BLOCK card that can be mounted on rails. In a very small surface, ZBR 246 includes many input output lines and two separate power supply sections. The first section provides +5 Vdc for the on board electronics, for the 16 Relays output and for possible additional external electronics (i.e: other peripheral cards or CPU cards). The second section is insulated from the first one and it provides the right tension for the optocoupled inputs of ZBR 246 and of other external cards.

The typical application fields are all the systems with many digital I/O signals. The ZBR 246 lines are ready to be used as the card can be directly mounted on rails of electromechanical control panel and wires can be directly connected to quick release screw terminal connectors, only 220Vac from main is required. The I/O lines are always equipped with LEDs that show the status line; these LEDs are set in a row to their correspondent line screw terminals, just to simplify the installation and for solving problems during hardware test and software debug phases. Also power supply sections have diagnostic LEDs to inform user about possible malfunctions. In addition to I/O lines, ZBR 246 has other two optocoupled and displayed inputs lines directly connected to /INT and /NMI signals of ABACO® I/O BUS. The 16 output status can be acquired by sofwtare through reading operations of 3 dedicated registers.

ZBR 246 is the best I/O expansion for CPU cards provided of ABACO® BUS ( both standard BUS and ABACO® I/O BUS ); for Single Euro size CPU cards, the connection is performed by ABB 03 or ABB 05 (that is a mother board for Omega rails) and by a simple 26 wires flat cable. According to number and type of cards connected to ABB 03, the complete obtained system can be powered by ZBR 246. Instead for BLOCK CPU cards provided of ABACO® I/O BUS expansion for example GPC® 15R, GPC® 113, GPC® 153, GPC® 183, GPC® 323, GPC® 553, GPC® 114, GPC® 154, GPC® 184, GPC® 324, GPC® 554, ect. , the connection is performed by a simple flat cable only.

Mounting on Omega DIN Rail. (ZBR-84 + GPC®-554)

Mounting on Omega DIN Rail. (ZBR-246 + GPC®-184)

ZBR 168 + GPC® 153

Mounting on Omega DIN Rail. (ZBR-246 + GPC®-153)

Mounting on Omega DIN Rail. (ZBR-246 + GPC®-883) - - - - - - - - - (ZBR-246 + GPC®-184)

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