GPC® 11

General Purpose Controller, Motorola 68HC11A1

GPC® 11 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.00 - Rel. 08 August 1999.

The GPC® 11 card is a powerful control and governing low cost module completely autonomous. It is equipped with a coupled support having quick hook for Omega rails DIN 46277-1 and DIN 46277-3 which allow to put the complete control unit into the electrical panel without being obliged to use a structure like 3HE Rack, back panel and so on. This solution means cheaper costs for the entire economy of the equipment and remarkable praticity of use.

This card supports the powerful MOTOROLA 68HC11A1 monochip that includes a remarkable series of internal resources which enrich the considerable functionality of this card.

The development and setup of applicatives can just start from the GPC® 11 as it has, on board, the hardware which is needed for a first approach. This card can also counts on many differents software tools which make easier the use of the same being sufficient the connection to a PC through the serial line on board of the GPC® 11 for starting to operate in a very friendly way having, at the same time, considerable local resources.

This card it is also equipped with a serie of helpfull ABACO® standard pin-out connectors. Thanks to these connectors it is very easy to be interfaced to the field by using BLOCK modules or adopting any user's card duly designed for this purpose.

Data Sheet GPC® 11, Rel. 94.5.2

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