GPC® 05

General Purpose Controllre, Motorola MC146805

GPC® 05 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.10 - Rel.. 05 June 2003.

CPU card, in BLOCK format, provided with DIN rail container

CPU card GPC® 05 is a very powerful control and management module capable to solve several indutrial automation problemetics. The card features standard BLOCK formati size 100x195 mm. It can be mounted directly on an isolating rail support type DIN 46277-1 and DIN 46277-3. This allows to install the electronic card with electromechanic structures in the electric panel, eliminating the typical overprices for installation to the field, like Rack, Back Pannel, etc.

The card features the microprocessor MC146805 of MOTOROLA which is provided with several internal peripherals to enhance module functionality. Development and debugging of application programs can be done with only the GPC® 05, because all the hardware essential for a first approach is already on the board and software packages to easy its use are available. The on board serial port is enouch to reach and use its remarkable resources.

The card is provided with its own supply section so it can be supplied directlIn addition, the card features a set of comfortable Abaco® standard connectors to interface to the external world also using I/O BLOCK modules or the user-made hardware.

Data Sheet GPC® 05, Rel. 96.8

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