GPC® 011

General Purpose Controller, Toshiba TMP Z84C011

The GPC® 011 is a new powerful control and managing module which affords a complete operative autonomy and a very low consumption.

The GPC® 011 is equipped with an insulating mount with quick fit connection to standard DIN 46277-1 and DIN 46277-3 Omega rails. This system allows electric devices and electromechanical control panels to be mounted together in a single panel enclosure eliminating the typical costs of an extensive board installation such as rack, back panel and so on. This card mounts TOSHIBA TMPZ 84C011 or ZILOG Z84C011 microprocessor which is code compatible with the mythic ZILOG Z80. Development and set up of programs for this card can start through the same GPC® 011 as it has all the necessary hardware built in along with various software packages which make the use of this card easier, so it is sufficient to connect it to a PC through any of the serial lines it has on board and the user can easily operate by using local resouces. Programming and exploiting the resources of this module is extremely easy thanks to the help of the stout GDOS Romated Operative System. This latter supports high level languages such as BASIC, PASCAL, C Compilers and so on.; it makes available the memory resources as they should be ROM/RAM-Disk allowing an immediate use of this devices at high level. This module linked to the MCI-64 and FGDOS manages PCMCIA cards of RAM cards and, directly, the on-board Peripherals as A/D Converter, Serial EEPROM. In addition to that the GPC®-011 allows a direct management of LCD or Fluorescent Displays and Matrix Keyboard. For an immediate use of this command, KDL-224 boards are available, or if you need a finished object, there is the Operator Panel QTP 24P. This Operator Panel, offered in the open frame version, bears the same aesthetic as QTP 24, but, as the local intelligence is not furnished, it is driven directly by GPC® 011, allowing a notable cost reduction. The FGDOS affords truly notable debug facilities, and allows to program directly on board a FLASH with the user program.

This module is equiped with ABACO® standard pin out connectors which allow the interface to the field by using I/O "BLOCK" modules or customer I/O interfaces.



LITHIUM Battery with cable and conector

Data Sheet GPC® 011, Rel. 94.8

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