General Purpose Controller, Atmel AVR mega 103 - 4 Type

GPC® AM4 English Tech. Manual PDF format.

Ver. 5.00 - Rel.. 24 November 1999.

The GPC® AM4 belongs to the CPUs 4 Serie 100x50 mm size. It is a powerful control low cost module capable of operating in stand alone mode or as an intelligent peripheral, and/or remoted, in a wider telecontrol or aquisition network.

The GPC® AM4 module can be inserted in a plastic container for a direct mounting on Omega rails DIN 46277-1 and DIN 46277-3, thereby dispensing with the need of a rack and allowing a cheaper electrical control panel. Thanks to this small size, the GPC® AM4 put into the same plastic rails that contains the Peipheral I/O, forming in this way an unique BLOCK element. The GPC® AM4 can also be mounted as a macro CPU module on a peripheral card of the end user, in Piggy Back (stack through) mode.

The card most interesting characteristic is the used µP: the AVR ATMEL ATmega 103 in fact is a very fast RISC microprocessor that includes a rich list of resources suitable to solve the common industrial automation problems.

At present there are some developping software tools which allow the card to be used either in assembly or with evoluted languages. Noteworthy among these are the developement tools as the C and BASIC compilers,that are executed on a standard Personal Computer and that generate executable code for the card. This code is comfortably down loaded into the µP internal FLASH EPROM through one proper ISP programmer, connected to a serial (COM) or parallel (LPT) line of the developing P.C.

For getting a quick prototype, cards such as SPA 03 and SPA 04 on which it is possible to mount the GPC® AM4 in Piggy Back mode, are used. The on board presence of the ABACO® I/O BUS connector, allows to drive directly I/O cards as: ZBR xxx, ZBT xxx,CAN 14, ADC 812, DAC 212 and so on, and through ABB 03, ABB 05 it is possible to manage all the peripheral cards available on ABACO® BUS.




 CCR Plug 9

Communication Cable RS 232 - Plug

Communication cable RS 232 witch DB9 connector and 6 pin RJ12.


 CCR Plug 25

Communication Cable RS 232 - Plug

Communication cable RS 232 witch DB25 connector and 6 pin RJ12.



LITHIUM Battery with cable and conector


WM3 - WM4

Housing for DIN Omega Rail Cards, 3 Type, or 4 Type.


wpe1.jpg (4608 bytes)

BASCOM-AVR1© is a Windows BASIC COMPILER for the AVR family. It is designed to run on W95/W98/NT

Atmel Development Tools

ANSI C compiler


Modern Fast C Compiler with full support for the ANSI C Language. NOT a micro-C or extended K&R C, but a robust ANSI C front end written from the ground up, which has been in use for over 10 years


Type 4 CPU card's are equipped with a back connector duly designed for Piggy-Back mounting on user's H/D as simple socked component.
This special connector has been studied from grifo® in order to avoid mechanical stress between housing and card. Mounting on DIN Rails.

Mounting on DIN Rails. (ZBR-84 + GPC®-554) - - - - - - - - - (ZBR-246 + GPC®-184)

Mounting on DIN Rails (ZBT-x88 + GPC®-184)

DIN Rails housing section linked to a Type 4 Card.

Data Sheet GPC® AM4, Rel. 03.03

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